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Review: BE YOU! Boost Your Confidence and Self-Esteem with self-hypnosis
by Dr. Friedemann Schaub

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What the Daily Om wrote about "BE YOU".

A gifted doctor specializing in neuro-linguistic programming, time-line hypnotherapy, and clinical hypnotherapy, Freidemann Schaub is one of the most talented voices in the field of audio-hypnosis sessions, and the two sessions presented on Be You! demonstrate his facility brilliantly. With his measured, deeply felt voice—including a slight European accent—over a soft, downy bed of acoustic guitars, synths, and flutes, any open-minded listener can feel themselves be pulled into a trance, their mind opening to instruction that can guide them to a better life. When Schaub cautions about driving or operating machinery while playing this CD, you are advised to listen. The man is something of a wizard.

What's key here is Schaub's ability to stay with the restless mind of an average listener, anticipating its resistance two steps in advance. "Look directly up above your head and see if you can find a comfortable spot on the ceiling or on the wall to fix your gaze on," he says. "The perfect position will be one that is not quite comfortable for you to look in...about eight to 10 inches above that comfortable point." He urges you to relax every bit of your body, but not to close your eyes, "even if tempted." A softly playing acoustic guitar and some synthesizer touches underscore the dreamy, floating vibe created by Schaub's words—and you are off.

A wooden flute opens the second hypnosis track and Schaub asks us to imagine a favorite space to be in, whether on a boat or in a field. It's a warm summer day and "the sky is a special shade of blue, very clear." The gist here is that "you accept yourself for what you are; even your best is good enough. Why keep striving for more when it only causes frustration and despair?" What's so special here is the simplicity and gentleness underscoring Schaub's messages. We're not asked to do any visualization gymnastics, our strivings are not expected to yield superhuman results. We're asked merely to accept ourselves as we are and not use our perceived limitations as excuses to beat ourselves up. I won't go into some of his techniques here for that would prepare your conscious mind to perhaps resist. Just know that in accepting your self as the best self it can be, limitations disappear. With Schaub's hypnotherapy to guide you, the idea that you can truly Be You! will not be so far-fetched, nor will his statement that "you're feeling much calmer than you have felt for a long, long time."

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