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Secret of “Creating Your Future”

by Tad James
Time Line Therapy® has the potential of releasing the trapped emotion in memories in a very short period of time. In fact, we usually release most of a person’s negative emotions in the Secret of Creating Your Future® Seminars which we give all over the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. My experience with the now thousands of people of all walks of life is that it is possible to release all of a person’s negative emotions from past memories in as little as five hours. That release of negative emotions has a profound effect on the person.                  
This happened to one of the students in a recent Secret of “Creating Your Future” Seminar. After the seminar, I learned she had been severely abused as a child and had, for most of her life, been depressed. At times she was also suicidal. She had visited psychologists and psychiatrists on and off for most of her life.                        
During the seminar, she paid close attention to releasing her major negative emotions, including sadness and depression, the trauma from the abuse and a number of her limiting decisions from the past. Her experience after the weekend was that she was no longer able to access the feelings of depression. In fact, when I saw her two weeks later, she came running up to me and said, “Do you know I haven’t been depressed for the last two weeks, at all? And do you know what else, I seem to be laughing for no reason at all!”
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Health is a State of Mind!

by Tad James
Getting Rid of the Negative Emotions:         
Now, other than disease, why get rid of negative emotions which are trapped in one’s body? Well, for example, imagine a salesperson, (s)he has a dream, (s)he’s well trained, knows how to sell, and (s)he wants to make more money. But every time (s)he goes to close the sale, fear comes up. That salesperson is not going to do his or her best. Certainly the closing ratio will not be as high as it could be without the fear.
Now imagine that same salesperson without the fear. Which one do you thing will do better? Of course, the second one. 
Or in a relationship, perhaps you once got hurt, and so you said, “I’m never going to let that happen to me again.” So every time you get to a certain point in the relationship you begin to feel those old negative feelings, and so you end the relationship. More importantly, each relationship ends in exactly the same way each time. You may not even remember the source of the negative feelings, but at a certain point there they are, and the relationship ends.
Now imagine being without those negative emotions, do you think that it would improve the relationship? Of course. 
Obviously, the creation of disease requires more trapped negative emotions than those in the situations we’ve just discussed. However, the process is the same–the unconscious mind represses (to whatever extent it needs to) memories with unresolved negative emotions. It does this for the “sanity” of the conscious mind. Since the unconscious mind does repress the memories with the negative emotions in them, the emotions get stuck in the body and aren’t released. 
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Testing Memories for Negative Emotions

by Tad James
The Significant Emotional Experience:
Many mental and physical diseases are preceded by a significant emotional experience (SEE) of a negative nature which may appear in the person’s recent past, or even further in the past, such as during childhood. If negative, and depending on the intensity, the SEE has the potential to create or be the source of some emotional, mental or even physical disease occurring in the body. 
Let’s define some terms so that we are speaking the same language: (I borrow the notion of an SEE from the sociologist Dr. Morris Massey, in the book The People Puzzle.) First event means the very first time that an experience happens, or the root cause of a first event occurring (this is also called root cause). Significant emotional experience is any major, fully associated, highly charged emotional event wherever it occurs. Emotional chain is the process that the unconscious mind uses to connect experiences of a similar nature. (The term used in Time Line Therapy® and The Basis of Personality [1988, Tad James, M.S., Ph.D.] is gestalt which means a collection of memories around a certain subject.) 
The potential of a negative SEE to create disease is based on the trapped emotions which remain in the memory because they are stored in the body. The work of Dr. Paul Goodwin, a neural physicist at Alaska Pacific University, implies that the trapped emotions in the body have the possibility of creating functional (software, non-physical) boundaries which can impede the flow of nerve information through the neural network pathways. 
Testing Memories for Negative Emotions: You can tell if there are still any negative emotions in one of your past memories by going back to that memory, and remembering what happened looking through your own eyes. (Warning: Do not try this with memories which contain trauma or phobia.) If, as you remember the memory, you feel any negative emotions in your body, then there is a negative emotional content to the memory, and there is trapped emotion in your body. The trapped negative emotion, if you feel it, is the basis for disease. 
Next week we will discuss how to get rid of the negative emotions.
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