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Establish More Motional Balance

Here are a few suggestions that will help you to establish more motional balance that can in turn support your healing.

  1. Take the messages from the medical field and others with a grain of salt—especially if they are limiting and disempowering. Avoid obsessive “Googling” on the Internet, which can often lead to more fear and discouragement.  
  2. Choose a medical support system and personal environment that are in alignment with  your beliefs about your healing.
  3. Focus on what you want, which is health and well-being! Rather than identifying yourself with a diagnosis, see yourself as a person who has the potential and the ability to heal and  create well-being.
  4. Find ways to regularly relax and bring your body into a parasympathetic state, which is the healing state. Meditating, listening to calming music, being in nature, and taking a bath are just some examples that can help you to achieve this state.
  5. Learn more about the mind-body-spirit connection and how to use it to activate your self-healing abilities. Remember that you are ultimately in charge of your body and your health. Whatever your body has created can be uncreated. Use visualizations and self-hypnosis as ways to utilize and activate your mind-body-spirit connection. Books by Deepak Chopra and Dr. Bernie Siegel can be excellent starting points.
  6. Identify and resolve the emotional root causes, inner conflicts, and significant emotional events that are connected to the illness. The work of Dr. Hammer, Dr. John Sarno, and Louise Hay can also provide you with more information on the deeper meanings and messages of illness.

Also call us for a free phone consultation. The Personal Break-through and Empowerment program is designed to support you with all of these important steps.

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Keep the Faith

As a physician, I often felt that patients gave up faith in their self-healing abilities, completely  surrendering and trusting in the abilities and wisdom of the doctors.  Many young physicians are not prepared for this and don’t know how to deal with the power that is handed to them by their patients. The movie, The Doctor, should be a requirement for medical students.

William Hurt plays a doctor who realizes how little he knows about healthcare when he himself is diagnosed with throat cancer.  As a doctor he was mighty and all knowing, but as a patient he has to endure being treated as a helpless kid, without regard for his feelings and his dignity.

Unfortunately this is not only a Hollywood story; I am sure that many of you have had or are having similar experiences. Doctors and health care providers aren’t the only culprits. Family and friends can also be the source of “gloom and doom” messages. A colleague  of mine told me the story of a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer. During their first session, she was feeling more and more encouraged and determined to focus on her  healing and get well again. As soon as she came home and told her family that she would heal, they warned her not get her hopes up, that she’d heard the diagnosis and should know that  there was not much that could be done. A few weeks later she died.

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Inner Balance

These and other studies show that inner balance is one of the most important keys to  healing. This means that you want to make sure that what you see, hear, smell, taste,  feel, and think are supporting your healing. Start with choosing a team of doctors and  health care practitioners that are in alignment with your intention to completely heal.

It is still a mystery to me why most hospitals look so sterile and impersonal. Even Motel 6 is able to create a more inviting and friendly atmosphere. Although you may not be able to be too picky about the looks of the facility, you need to choose your healing team wisely.

Many times I have been told stories of doctors, who were bombarding their patients with discouraging and strongly limiting messages. “You will always have to live with  the pain,” “there is nothing anyone can do,” etc. Being a physician myself, I know that  there is a positive intention behind these rather negative and disempowering messages— whether it is the idea to “be realistic” or “not encourage false hope,” or simply to prepare  the patient for the “inevitable”. However, doctors rarely consider the destructive and  deflating effects on the patient’s psyche that outweigh any possible positive outcome.

 In our society, a physician is such an authority figure, that whatever he or she says has  enormous impact on the patient.

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Health Damaging Effects of Stress

The health damaging effects of stress have been well documented. Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, gastro-intestinal problems, and auto-immune disease are only some of the diseases that are closely linked to increased stress. Our immune system is especially susceptible to negative emotions. Deepak Chopra says in his book, Quantum Healing, “Our immune system is continuously eaves-dropping on our thoughts and feelings.

 Studies have corroborated this notion: major depressive disorders are associated with  increases in infectious disease risk as well as the incidence of inflammatory disorders. Declines of natural killer (NK) cell activity are reliably found in depression, whereas other studies report evidence of inflammation in depressed patients. Other studies showed that emotional stress correlated with impaired DNA repair mechanisms in cells that were subjected to radiation. Another trial suggested that anxiety, anger, and negative attitudes are a 30 times stronger risk factor for cancer thank smoking.

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Realignment and How to Stay in Balance

One of the most reliable facts of life is that it never stops changing – no matter how much we resist it. Whether it is your job, relationships, the place you live in or the state of your health – changes get you out of balance and make life often appear like walking on a tight rope –ungrounded, with an imminent risk of falling into overwhelm and anxiety. In this five part series your have already gained insights on how to utilize the powers of your consciousness to gain perspective, stay flexible, make choices and become a master of taking action. However, perhaps the most important power of your consciousness is its natural ability to adjust and adapt. Listen to this upcoming radio show and learn how to use this power more efficiently to stay balanced and in alignment with yourself at all times – and thus transform challenging changes into powerful opportunities to grow, evolve and thrive.

Listen to this interview and learn effective processes, which will allow you to make clear and self-empowered choices utilizing your conscious, subconscious mind and higher consciousness.

Click here to listen to Part 5 of this 5-part interview series with Dr. Pat and learn tools how to effectively harness the 5 natural powers of your consciousness (it may take a couple of minutes to open up)


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Feed Your Body With Joy

7. Use meditation and relaxation exercises on a daily basis.  Meditation and relaxation  have been shown to be very beneficial to treat chronic pain, migraines, hypertension  and other chronic illnesses. Relaxing the mind and the body also activates our immune  system. Even 10 minutes per day will make an enormous difference. A great way to start is to simply to find a quiet and peaceful place, sit back and focus simply on your breath. After one to two minutes start inhaling for 5 seconds, hold the breath for 5 seconds and the exhale for 5 seconds. You can gradually increase the times to 20 seconds.

The effects of this Kundalini Yoga breathing meditation are immediate and 5 minutes of  this breath replace 30 minutes of sleep. Other great alternatives to relax are self-hypnosis CDs, which directly stimulate the subconscious mind, massages and other body work etc.

8. Give your body proper nutrition and sufficient rest.   Healing occurs when our body is well rested and well nurtured. Consult your physician, naturopathic doctor, nutritionist or herbologist to find the proper way to nutritionally support your body.

9. Feed your body with joy, harmony and laughter.   Extensive research has shown how the enormous healing benefits of joy and laughter. In 1976 the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine published an article by Norman Cousins, who was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis (also known as Bechterew Disease) a painful inflammation of the spine. His case was so severe that he was given a very dim prognosis. Realizing that negative thoughts and attitudes can result in illness, Norma Cousins believed that positive thoughts and attitudes may have the opposite effect. He left the hospital and checked into a hotel where he took high doses of vitamin C and watched funny movies and shows. He found that ten minutes of laughter resulted in several hours of pain-free rest. He continued this “treatment” until he recovered. Cousins proved that laughter is a very effective medicine and added another important piece of evidence of the power the mind-body connection.

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Listen to Your Symptoms

4. See the disease as an opportunity to learn and grow. Identify the metaphors of the illness – if the illness had a message for your, what would it be.  Notice the messages of the symptoms you are dealing with – sometimes symptoms can be taken very literally (“pain in the neck”, “heaviness in the stomach”, “and stiffness in the joints”). Also search for significant emotional events, traumas or inner conflicts that were preceding the illness.

Find ways to heal these conflicts and emotions so that your unconscious mind and body are not pre-occupied and can focus on physical healing (for example through Time Line Therapy® , NLP, Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Energy healing etc.).

5. Use visualizations and creative imagery to stimulate your self-healing potential. If you are taking medication, include what you would like your body to do with the medication (e.g. maximum effect without side-effects). Books and tapes by Dr. Bernie Siegel, the pioneer on using visualization to heal, are a great resource.

6. Never give up hope / trust. Always look for evidence that you can heal and are healing.  Avoid listening or “buying into” negative prognosis, statistics…Surround yourself with positive people, positive life and health affirming messages.

**More to come

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The 9 Keys to Self-Healing

After studying the human body and mind from all different “angles” for almost two decades, it became very clear to me that we all have an unlimited capacity to heal and change. However, most of us have not learned yet how to access this self-healing power or even trust or believe in such a potential.

The following 9 keys are an opportunity for you to explore and utilize your natural ability to heal. Whether you are currently dealing with a physical, emotional or mental challenge and receiving medical treatment or not, these 9 keys will allow you to access your self-healing potential and accelerate the healing process. There is really nothing you can do wrong – just do it and enjoy.

1. Focus on health and healing rather than disease. Remember that you are not your disease – your disease has been “created” by your body and the body can “uncreate” it as well.

2. Find good reasons why you want to heal. The more incentives / motivations you come up with, the better. Pay attention to the small “stuff” that makes life worth living (e.g. a hug from a friend, a wonderful meal, a beautiful sunset, the kindness of a loved one, the joy of being there for somebody etc.)

3. Give specific “orders” to your body and your mind what you want it to do.

For example: If you have pain, tell the body to create ease and comfort; if you are dealing with a tumor, tell your body to let it “melt” away; if you
have emotional challenges, tell your mind and body to create inner peace, harmony etc.

**Check back for more Keys to Self-Healing

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We Can Move Mountains

The subconscious mind is also responsible for all  physiological functions of the body; we don’t regulate our heart rate,  breathing, kidney function or digestion with our conscious mind. If we would,  the collection of trillions of cells that comprise our body, would not work  together as effectively and harmoniously as it usually does. And even  “deliberate” movement, such as walking, requires the precise coordination of  many different muscles, a challenge that we would not able to master  consciously. Along those lines, have you ever noticed that you can’t really  recall, how you drove yourself to work or how you were eating that sandwich,  while watching TV. The subconscious mind takes control of all these automatic  movements and patterns, without our conscious awareness. In fact, studies  suggest that more than 75% of our daily activities are regulated by the subconscious  mind.

Considering the vast responsibilities of the subconscious  mind, its power and enormous  potential  become very obvious. With the right leverage we can move mountains. Working  directly with the subconscious mind provides this leverage, to effectively  create profound and long-lasting changes on the mental, emotional and physical  level.

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