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Magical Journey to Egypt 2012

Egypt is one of the most magical destinations on the planet. Being in Egypt immerses you in the realm of infinite possibilities. The veils are thinner, your connection to your full potential more accessible and your heart opens more easily. Your pilgrimage through Egypt is a process of conscious evolution, one that can be classified as an ascension spiral into the open heart. As you, the initiate journey through the sacred sites in Egypt, you unlock and access energy, consciousness and wisdom, which aligns you with your soul, your inner being, your divine self, your full potential. You and your life are forever changed for the better. This process is one of renewal, transformation, personal growth and expansion. Join us in September 2012 for this heart-opening, awakening and enlightening journey through Egypt. The possibilities are infinite, what will you create in Egypt?

**Because of the intimate group size of 16 participants this trip will sell out fast, so please contact us right away to reserve your space.

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More on How to Reset Your Subconscious to Confidence and Self-Esteem

Some topics are so important they need to be addressed more than once and from different angles. The enormous response to last month’s radio show (click here to listen to the recording) pointed out that lack of confidence and self-esteem is one of the most common and challenging obstacles in life. What usually prevents us from having success, love, joy and fulfillment are self-limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough” or “I can’t have what I want”, which are programmed into our subconscious minds. No matter how ambitious we are and how much potential we have, as long as we are holding onto self-limiting beliefs, we will continue to feel “less than” or “undeserving.” However, while letting go of these non-supportive core beliefs is crucial, it is equally important to replace them with new, self-empowering beliefs. But how do you do this? During my upcoming radio show I will talk about the steps to effectively re-program your subconscious mind from limiting beliefs and establish a solid foundation of confidence and self-esteem.

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The Purposeful Intention Empowerment Series


What if you could join conversations with nine experts about their views on living with purposefulness and intention in this upside down world?

What if we could help you find your sweet spot as you carve out space for yourself in these fast-paced times? We’re in an election year, the economy is still wobbly, and people are looking for sound tools to help them cope.

And what if I told you this amazing event was FREE and that you could participate from anywhere?

I’m very pleased to announce that I am a part of a very exciting tele-seminar series called, “The Purposeful Intention Empowerment Series,” which starts on April 11 and ends on June 13. I will speak about how to overcome fear and anxiety on May 30 at noon PST. This is going to be a phenomenal event that you absolutely don’t want to miss.

To find out more about this phenomenal event —  Register Here

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Reset your subconscious mind to confidence and self-esteem

There’s a common saying, “What holds us back is not who we really are, but who we think we are.” However, if you have ever struggled with insecurity and low self-worth you’ve probably experienced first-hand that you can’t simply think or talk yourself out of these feelings. Even if everybody else tells you that you are a great person – when it comes to self-doubt, logic and rational thinking don’t apply. Why? Because the root of our insecurities is anchored in our subconscious programming in the form of limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough” or “I don’t fit in.” Our beliefs determine not only how we feel about ourselves but also how we show up in life and what results we are able to achieve. But how do we access our subconscious and how do we change its mind?

Listen here and learn the keys on how to reprogram your subconscious mind to greater confidence and self-empowerment.

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Done with love? How to break-through the fear of getting hurt again.

Are you afraid of falling in love? Maybe you have been disappointed or wounded one time too many and are no longer willing to make yourself vulnerable. Or maybe you felt suffocated and controlled in your previous relationships and decided it is better to be alone than unfree. So you are pushing people away to keep yourself safe from getting hurt again. But at the same time you are feeling lonely and unwanted and long for someone else to make you feel better.

Love is one of the most enjoyable and powerful energies we can experience and share with others. Love in itself is healing – and neither hurtful nor damaging. What causes the emotional suffering isn’t love but what falling in love can bring to the surface. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, whenever we open our heart to someone, we also get in touch with how we relate to ourselves. Unresolved insecurities, limiting beliefs and the lack of self-love and appreciation are the most common reasons why it may appear so scary for you to let others get close– and why you may have been so negatively affected by past relationships.

Listen here and learn how to heal and grow from past heart aches and make falling in love enjoyable and fulfilling again.

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