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The Empowered Self

We are born with sheer unlimited potential to grow, adapt and succeed. Just the fact that we learned how to crawl and then to walk, that we figured out how to use our mouths and vocal cords to form words others can understand, and that we developed skills to relate to the world around us proves that we are innately powerful. However, considering that more and more people are struggling with anxiety, insecurity and depression, it appears that at some point we are forgetting or losing touch with our personal power.

Let’s face it – how often do you feel powerless in the course of just one day? You are stuck in traffic and worry that you will end up late for work. Your boss pushes an unreasonable deadline on you, which means less time with your loved ones during the week-end. And at home your kids once again refuse to go to bed when they are asked to. The more life appears out of our control, the more powerless we feel.  Yet, is personal power defined by how much we can control other people or the circumstances we are in?

Some people describe personal power as the ability to change the direction of our lives. Others believe that this power allows us to influence and direct those around us. From my perspective living in a self-empowered way goes far beyond forcing our will on our reality. I consider personal power as an energy, which is based on the harmonious alignment of mind, body and spirit and leads to a sound mixture of confidence, competence and compassion for others and oneself.

Although, you can’t measure your level of empowerment, you know that you have developed and are in touch with your personal power when you:

  • Feel safe and secure within yourself
  • Accept stewardship over your mind, body and spirit
  • Take responsibility for your life
  • Trust that you have the wisdom, knowledge and capabilities to deal with anything life brings you
  • Are confident that you can change, create and attract what your heart desires
  • Commit to continuously grow, learn and evolve
  • Allow yourself to discover and express your true, authentic self
  • Consider yourself as an integral part of the web of life
  • Are open to explore your spirituality
  • Have confidence that your mission and your purpose will continue to evolve and reveal itself
  • Practice appreciation, patience and compassion for the beings around you – and for yourself
  • Treat yourself how you want to be treated by others
  • Embrace the present moment with all its gifts and possibilities
  • Develop an open, flexible mind, which allows you to learn and let go of the past and recognize the growth opportunities from any obstacle you are facing

Of course, this list has plenty of room to grow and for you to add to it. I can imagine that you’re already thinking of aspects you associate with your personal power. Accepting your personal power and approaching life with a sense of responsibility, self-reliance and a deep desire to grow and evolve into your true, authentic selves is an ongoing process. It takes certain skills, time and commitment to harness your power; but once you do, you will experience greater peace, harmony and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

End of Year

It is a common perception that the older we get the faster time is rushing by. So like many others, you may have found yourself once again rather surprised that 2013 is over. Where did all the days and months go? Of course the pace of time hasn’t changed this year – an hour still consisted of 60 minutes, a day of 24 hours and the year of 365 days. However, what may have gradually changed is your awareness of what you have experienced in the course of a day. For some of you the year may have dashed by in the wake of an insanely busy schedule; others may have experienced 2013 in a blur, through boredom or the grind of their daily routines. Or you may find yourself among those, who couldn’t wait for this year to be over – because for you it was filled with difficult challenges, painful endings or draining uncertainties. So you just want to forget about it and hope for a better 2014.

The question is, can we really afford to be so “generously” careless with our time? Shouldn’t every passing year remind us of the inevitable impermanence of our existence? Part of the problem is that we don’t take the time to acknowledge our successes, appreciate our blessings and embrace the growth we have made. So what if 2013 has been an incredibly rich and meaningful year for you – you just have not yet noticed it? But it is never too late.

As a part of our New Year’s eve tradition, Danielle and I spend some time reflecting back on the past year – and setting our intentions for the coming one. Reflecting on the last 12 months will give you a greater sense of completetion and resolution. And when you set clear intentions for the coming year something magical happens. Even if you don’t look again at what you have written until the end of 2014, you will be amazed about how much of what you have been intending actually came to pass – whether this is a testimony to the power of intentions or the law of attraction, or whether you have just programmed your subconscious mind for you to find and create what you want.

So take a time out, grab a pen and paper and contemplate the following questions. Don’t overthink it but write from your heart.

  • What were your highlights of last year?
  • What accomplishments did you create?
  • What lessons did you learn?
  • What were the blessings you experienced?
  • What are your desires and intentions for 2014?
  • What are your top 5 goals for this coming year?
  • What is your theme for 2014?

By ending this year acknowledging its gifts and learning opportunities and entering the new one focusing on your goals and desires, you are taking ownership on what you have and on what you will experience during that time.

I wish you and your loved ones a happy and blessed 2014,

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