Egypt is Calling

Magical Journey to Egypt 2012

Egypt is one of the most magical destinations on the planet. Being in Egypt immerses you in the realm of infinite possibilities. The veils are thinner, your connection to your full potential more accessible and your heart opens more easily. Your pilgrimage through Egypt is a process of conscious evolution, one that can be classified as an ascension spiral into the open heart. As you, the initiate journey through the sacred sites in Egypt, you unlock and access energy, consciousness and wisdom, which aligns you with your soul, your inner being, your divine self, your full potential. You and your life are forever changed for the better. This process is one of renewal, transformation, personal growth and expansion. Join us in September 2012 for this heart-opening, awakening and enlightening journey through Egypt. The possibilities are infinite, what will you create in Egypt?

**Because of the intimate group size of 16 participants this trip will sell out fast, so please contact us right away to reserve your space.

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