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Further Resources and Links

To get more information about NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy® please go to:

» A revolutionary approach to healing disease www.metamedicine.info
» Information about the unconscious mind www.theroad.com
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» What is Time Line Therapy® ? www.timelinetherapy.net
» Directory of NLP Resources www.nlp-reiki.ca
» Free online magazine featuring articles about the
practical uses of Hypnosis and NLP.
» Directory for alternative health resources www.onlinehealthresources.com
» Resource for alternative health-care professionals www.iseekhealth.com
» Resource for health questions? www.virtualnurse.com.net
» World Wide Health Center www.worldwidehealthcenter.net
» Herbs for anxiety www.iampanicked.com
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» Spirit Circle: Holistic Gifts for Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul www.spiritcircle.ca
» Directory of Health Web Sites www.health-webs.com

These are links to some of the best service providers in Seattle:

» www.divinetransmissions.com
» www.vastjoy.com
» www.amentrg.com/speakers_bureau.htm
» www.sapphirealchemy.com
» Washington State Search Engine & Directory

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