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Cellular Wisdom's
Breakthrough and Empowerment Program

How to release any blocks and limitations and harness your full potential  

You probably know this feeling of being trapped in negative emotions or limiting beliefs. You may be blocked by anxiety, insecurity or depression. You may believe that you are not good enough or not worthy to have things you want the most in life.

Or you may you have felt that the lack of energy or chronic physical issues such as chronic pain, allergies or auto-immune diseases, prevent you from reaching your goals.

You have tried “everything” to change, improve and heal, but somehow there is still something holding you back from reaching your goals. May be you have even started to give up on your dreams to have the life you desire.

Imagine how good it would feel to:

  • Discover and address the deeper root causes of your mental, emotional and physical blocks and limitations
  • Free yourself from subconsciously stored negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Erase self-sabotaging patterns and create congruency on all levels
  • Re-program your mind and cellular memory to greater peace, confidence and self-worth
  • Access your true potential to heal, change and thrive
  • Have the skills and tools to be in charge of your thoughts, emotions and actions – and to continuously grow and create more balance, success and well-being in your life.
"The Personal Breakthrough Program will give you the momentum and the tools to get yourself back on track and go beyond any mental and emotional blocks and boundaries."

Dr. Friedemann Schaub designed this Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Program to help you get "unstuck” and access your full potential through integrating the power of your mind-body-spirit connection.

The program combines mind-activating modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™, and Medical Hypnotherapy to help you eliminate internal blocks and take a quantum leap in your personal growth and healing.

What are the individual sessions like and How long does it usually take to achieve results?

The Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Program is an accelerated process, which activates and utilizes your natural ability to change, heal and succeed.

Most clients require only 6-8 sessions, which are spread through a time period of 3-4 months to breakthrough their blocks and reach their goals.
Each session is 1.5 - 2 hours long, so that there sufficient time to go deep and create powerful shifts and momentum. During the sessions you will work consciously with your subconscious mind, activate your mind-body-spirit connection and spend some time in a very pleasant, relaxed light trance state. By using specific mind-activating modalities and techniques you are able to resolve deep-seated emotions and limiting beliefs and gain a new perspective on yourself and your life. In the process you will learn and acquire effective tools and strategies, which allow you to further solidify the changes and quickly implement your growth in your daily life.

Dr. Schaub works with clients nationally and internationally. He offers break-through and empowerment sessions in-person (offices in Seattle/WA), over the phone or via Skype. Many clients prefer the work over the phone or via Skype, because they feel they aren’t distracted by  the unfamiliar environment of somebody’s office and are able to immediately anchor the changes they have been accomplishing into their normal environment. So no matter where you live you can breakthrough your challenges and reach your goals.

Who is the Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Program for?

Dr. Schaub’s program has been proven to be highly effective for a variety of challenges such as:

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Phobias
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Cancer
  • Irritable Bowl Syndrome
  • Auto-immune Diseases
  • Migraines
  • Addictive Behaviors

What are some of the modalities the program utilizes?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Have you ever wondered how you can be completely in charge of your health, success and well-being? How to be at all times in control of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions?

"...be free from the past and tap into the abundant resources you have inside, so that you can create the future you desire."

Through working with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) you will identify and eliminate the most common blocks to enjoying health, peace of mind and personal success. It allows you to gain control over your thinking, emotions and behaviors and consequently be in charge of your life. On a physical level NLP effectively increases overall balance and vitality through completely changing negative responses and attitudes to life events. In addition, NLP interventions use the mind-body connection to directly enhance the self-healing activity of the body. NLP techniques enable you to clearly identify and address the mental root causes of your physical or emotional problem and provide you with tools that allow you to fully heal from the inside out.

Time Line Therapy™
Holding on to negative emotions and non-supportive beliefs are two major factors that often block our abilities to change, heal and succeed.

Would you like to be free from the past and tap into the abundant resources you have inside, so that you can create the future you desire? Time Line Therapy ™ is a collection of powerful techniques, which allow you to gain emotional and mental freedom. With Time Line Therapy ™ you can release long-term stored negative emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, apathy and sadness that are stored in your subconscious mind. Time Line Therapy ™ also enables you to eliminate traumatic memories and limiting beliefs, such as “I am not good enough” or “I can’t do that” in a gentle but very effective process, which usually only takes a few sessions. Created by Dr. Tad James these techniques are considered one of the most effective methods for creating accelerated, profound and lasting changes. With Time Line Therapy ™ you are able to first identify and heal the root cause, the very first event of a negative emotion or non-supportive belief, receive the learnings from this event and then release all subsequent events during which you had experienced the emotion or belief. Thus you are creating a complete clean-up of emotional and mental burden, freeing up inner creative resources and healing potential that may have been blocked in the past.

Medical Hypnotherapy
Medical Hypnotherapy has been proven in medical studies to be very successful in the treatment of a large variety of conditions including stress, anxiety, chronic pain etc.. Medical Hypnotherapy works directly with the unconscious mind, which is the part of us that regulates our physical functions, stores memories and is in charge of our emotions. Medical Hypnotherapy is a completely safe and relaxing technology that provides profound changes to occur on a mental and physical level.

Health Consulting
Health Consulting is your opportunity to gather all the information you desire about how your Mind and Body co-operate. Dr. Schaub’s broad background in medicine, science and mind-body healing  provides you with a variety of perspectives that expands your understanding about your physical or mental challenges.


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