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Become Unstuck: 
Tapping into the Power and Wisdom of Your Subconscious Mind

What You Will Receive:

  • Six hours of live video sessions, yours to download and keep

  • An online forum to connect with the author and other participants

  • Weekly recommended exercises and homework to support your goals

  • Guided practices and Q&A with Dr. Schaub

Interactive Video Course: $99


The Fear and Anxiety Solution

The Fear and Anxiety Solution: A Breakthrough Process for Healing and Empowerment with your Subconscious Mind

The Fear and Anxiety Solution is the 2012 Independent Publisher Award Gold Medal Winner and the USA Best-Book Award Winner in the category best new-self-help book and an international bestseller on amazon. This book presents Dr. Schaub’s breakthrough and empowerment program for learning to understand, direct, and utilize the subconscious mind as our greatest ally on the path to health and wholeness.The processes and tools of each chapter will show you how to bridge the gap between your conscious and your subconscious mind, allowing you to pinpoint and understand the root causes and deeper meanings of your fear and anxiety, release emotional blocks from the past, and “shine more of who you truly are out into the world.




The Fear and Anxiety Solution CD

The Fear and Anxiety Solution CD:
Guided Practices for Healing and Empowerment With Your Subconscious Mind

Through a wealth of insights and step-by-step guidance in more than a dozen practices, Dr. Schaub explains how to transform fear and anxiety into healing catalysts that lead to greater confidence, self-worth, and success as he illuminates:

  • How to address inner conflicts, stored emotions, and limiting beliefs—the three subconscious root causes of fear and anxiety.
  • The Parts Reintegration Process, a powerful method for peace of mind, increased energy, and improved heath.
  • The Pattern Resolution process to release emotional baggage from your subconscious and cellular memory
  • How to replace your old anxiety-driven identity with a new foundation of self–reliance and empowerment at the cellular level
  • At last, here are the tools to change faster and perform better in every aspect of your life with the power of conscious-subconscious collaboration.




Cellular Wisdom’s Self-Hypnosis CD-Program

Self hypnosis is an excellent way of taking control of your emotions, your mind and consequently your life. The purpose of these self-hypnosis CDs is to assist you in letting go of unwanted stress and anxiety, to increase your confidence and self-esteem and to access and utilize your unlimited potential to heal and change.

Self-hypnosis is very effective and it is also very easy to do. You don’t have to be a trained hypnotherapist to gain the greatest benefits from these recordings. All you need to do, is to find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, then sit or lie down and completely relax. Each CD contains two complete 30 minutes self-hypnosis sessions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 9 or 99 – these CDs are beneficial for anyone, who is interested enough in their own well-being to do something about it.


Be Free CD

Be Free! – Release Stress and Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, panic or worry? Are stress and anxiety persistent, overwhelming and interfere with your daily life? Stress and anxiety have been called “the new epidemic” and are connected to a large variety of emotional and physical problems. It has been shown, that regular relaxation through hypnosis is a very powerful way to inhibit the production of the hormones that causes stress and anxiety. The self-hypnosis program on this CD is designed to help you to completely relax, release stored stress and anxiety and to become in control of your emotions.

Be Free MP3 $15


Be You! Boost your Confidence and Self-Esteem

We all know, that confidence is extremely important for success, health and well-being, whereas low self-esteem often results in negative thoughts, low energy and even depression. The program on this CD offers a powerful tool to help you to improve your self-esteem, gaining more and more confidence in yourself and your abilities. Increased self-worth not only makes you enjoy life more fully, it also allows you to attract and recognize more opportunities in your life. As your confidence increases and your faith in your abilities improves, you will notice many positive shifts in your inner and outer world.

Be You MP3 $15


Be Well! Heal, Balance, Energize

‘Be Well’ is designed to enhance your health and well-being and assist you in your healing. Using this program allows you to reclaim and access your unlimited potential to heal and change and gives you an opportunity to bring yourself back into inner peace and harmony just by listening and relaxing. The powerful combination of hypnotic suggestions and deeply relaxing music works on all levels and is ideal for anyone, who is dealing with physical, mental or emotional challenges or is just seeking more energy and balance in their lives.

Be Well MP3 $15


Music for Relaxation and Meditation

Music for Relaxation and Meditation

Did you ever want to let go of all tension and stress? To not have to do or think about anything but simply to relax? Or do you want to deepen your meditation practice? This CD is for you. The music, which also plays in the background of Dr. Schaub’s self-hypnosis CDs BE FREE, BE YOU and BE WELL, is specifically designed to gently change your brain activity into a state of calmness, rest and peace. Discover how easy it is to relax. Each of the 3 tracks is 22 minutes long and will soothe and refresh your body, mind and spirit.

Music for Meditation and Relaxation MP3 $15



What others said:

“I am used to being hyper and restless and anxious. Since I am listening to your CDs, I am able to relax during the day and sleep through the night. This is unheard of for me. I feel more balanced and positive than ever before. Thank you.” – Ann P.

“First discovered Dr. Schaub on Daily OM some time ago. Then visited his website. Since then I have invited many healthcare colleagues (& family/friends) to his products. I experience Dr. Schaub’s healing cd’s on confidence and anxiety as the best in my library … and I have hundreds.” – Mary V.

“The amazing hypno-therapy CD that I listen to at night, not only helps me to sleep, but assists me to find the strength and knowledge within me to handle situations and make decisions.” – Darlene F.

“The first time I listened to his CD, I woke up feeling like I had caught up on 10 years of rest.” – Karen K.

“I have listened to BE FREE and it is wonderful. Some hypnotherapy CDs can be more irritating than soothing. Yours was anything but. I feel into a very relaxed state. I was using the CD to address a physical complaint I was having and it really helped with it.” – Linda C.




Temples of Light 6 CD setDanielle Rama Hoffmann’s Products:

The Temples of Light Initiations
A Guided Journey into the Heart – Teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools

by Danielle Rama Hoffman

20 Guided Initiations | 6 CD set
Music by Ani Williams, Ashana, Tom Brighton and Peter Sterling

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An Egyptian Mystery School journey into the heart-teachings and sacred rites of passage of 13 temples in Egypt

Offers guided meditations and rituals that connect to the ancient power of the Flower of Life, the Djed Pillar, the Ka and the Sahu, the fully realized self

Provides vital energetic transmissions to thrive as we move from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age

Includes an innovative reenactment of the ancient myth of renewal of Isis and Osiris for personal evolution and anchoring of unity consciousness

Temples of Light Initiations can enhance:

  • Psychic Abilities, intuition, clarity, multi-sensory guidance
  • Spiritual Evolution, self-realization, enlightenment, soul’s purpose
  • Heart Opening, bliss, peace, non-attachment
  • Abundance Consciousness, manifestation of money, love, health, joy


Temples of LightThe Temples of Light:
An Initiatory Journey into the Heart-Teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools (Book & CD)

By Danielle Rama Hoffman (Author), Nicki Scully (Foreword)

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The Temples of Light guides the reader, as the initiate, on a spiritual journey through thirteen of Egypt’s sacred temples a journey into the sanctuary of the open heart. 

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Each sacred site is a portal to ancient wisdom that can assist the modern-day pilgrim with everyday life issues and struggles, love, purpose, money, and health and the deeper questions of enlightenment and our divine origin. 


Modern Day AlchemistThe Modern Day Alchemist from the Land of the Pharaohs
Secrets of Manifestation Revealed to Awaken the Alchemist Within

By George Faddoul & Mohamed Nazmy

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We are excited to present a new anthology designed to demystify “Alchemy” and to shine a guiding light on your journey towards becoming a Modern Day Alchemist. To this end, Danielle Rama Hoffman and Dr. Friedemann Schaub joined thirteen other alchemists, who share a love of Egypt and have contributed a series of candid essays, encapsulating their years of devoted study and experience of Egypt, the Land of the Pharaohs where Alchemy began. Other authors include: Christian Bernard, Lynn Andrews, Leslie Temple-Thurston, Normandi Ellis, and Nicki Scully.


Temple EssencesTemples of Egypt Essences

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Temples of Egypt Essences are vibrational tools that open your heart, raise your vibration and entrain your body, mind, spirit and emotions to the infinite possibilities within.

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Temple Essences may be purchased individually or as a set. There are two box sets of Temple Essences, the Heart Expansion Essences and Inner Temple Essences. Each box set includes eight 1/2 oz bottles. Select the essences you are guided to or read the descriptions of each essence and see which you need or desire.