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Why do you offer tours to Egypt?
by Dr. Friedemann Schaub

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Many people ask me, why my wife Danielle and I are offering tours to Egypt. This postcard from our recent journey captures many of the reasons that continue to motivate us to bring people to Egypt, so that they can experience firsthand the power and magic of this ancient land.  


“Today is the last day of our journey through Egypt—and what a magical journey it was again. It culminated today with a sunrise private visit of the Great Pyramid on the full moon. Every time we come to Egypt we are looking forward to what special opportunities and surprises our groups will manifest—and this year showed again that Egypt is a place of unlimited possibilities. Here are just a few of the amazing events that happened on our last trip.

It was 4:45 A.M. and we were crossing the Nile on our way to a private visit of Isis' Temple on the island of Philae. All of a sudden several people were pointing to the sky, yelling "oh my God, oh my God". When we turned around, we saw a huge meteorite with a long, golden, fiery tail descending from the sky above the area of our destination. I have never seen anything like this before. If such an event had happened at home, all of us would have talked about this amazing display for many days. Not so in Egypt. At our circle that same afternoon, nobody seemed to mention the shooting star, because so many other magical things had happened on Philae—whether it was the magical sail to Philae in the dark, the powerful experiences during our meditation in the sanctuary, or for the first time, being able to access the roof top of the temple to watch, in awe, the sunrise.

During this journey we were blessed with many other unexpected manifestations; however, the most amazing one was that instead of traveling the Nile in a big cruise ship, Mohamed Nazmy, the owner of Quest Travel, invited us for a five-day sail on his private, luxurious sailing yacht,a dahabia , which he had just finished building (see picture). 

For about half the group, this was their second or third trip to Egypt with us. They could especially appreciate the difference sailing on the yacht made to our trip. Sailing on a Dahabia is like traveling in your own private palace. You are much more closely connected to the Nile and can freely stop and explore the land. The boat fits a group of 20 people; it has 2 sundecks, an air-conditioned dining room, and a library. All the cabins have air-conditioning and a private bathroom with a shower. And the food that is prepared for us daily by the wonderful crew rivals that found in any gourmet restaurant. Emil, our Egyptologist, told us at the beginning of our trip, "you will never want to travel any differently," and he was absolutely right. I always find being on the Nile a very meditative experience. Traveling on the dahabia, this experience was enhanced. It was the perfect place to integrate all the experiences and adventures that happened every day. We stopped at little sand beaches, swam in the Nile, visited farmers and small villages, and learned to know and appreciate Egypt in a new and more personal way.

In general, the hospitality of the Egyptian people is another reason we return. Imagine if someone knocked on the door of your home and walked in, leading a bunch of foreigners with cameras through the rooms. I'm sure you wouldn't be amused. But in Egypt you're welcome no matter when and where you go. Most of the people we visited don't have much; they live in very traditional ways, in mud-brick buildings that are hundreds of years old. But what they have makes them the most prosperous people I know, prosperous because they have such open hearts, peace and contentment. We all felt humbled by how much there is for Westerners to learn from the way Egyptians, especially in the rural areas, approach life. Through sailing on the dahabia we learned to appreciate Egypt and the Nile as sacred sites themselves, and we will all remember forever the gentle breeze, the fresh scent of Nile water and the warm, welcoming smiles of the people we met.

We call our journeys to Egypt "a pilgrimage into the sacredness within". Through meditations and empowerments in the ancient temples and sites, we are remembering aspects of ourselves that are extremely potent and precious but that we often forget in the midst of our hectic daily lives. For example, we often forget how to stay grounded in appreciation and neutrality, find the inner balance of masculine and feminine power, or discover the courage to fully accept, love, and express our truth. These were some of the gifts and insights that we were giving ourselves on this journey. Transformation on such a journey is inevitable. One of our fellow travelers, who felt completely deflated before she came on our tour, found her confidence and strength again. Another one found a state of awe and bliss about life and herself that she did not believe was possible. And the people who came for the second or third time described that they were able to experience even more profound insights and realizations than they had on the previous trips.

Personally, this past journey was about deepening my commitment to living in the flow, letting go of control, and trusting even more in the goodness and infinite possibilities of life. And as with everybody else on our pilgrimage, I also feel transformed and enriched.

We all came together on this journey to Egypt as different people, from different walks of life. As with every trip, we left Egypt, always connected in our experiences, with our hearts more open and a greater appreciation for who we truly are and the unlimited possibilities of life.

Let us  know, if you are interested in finding out more about this amazing journeys or visit our website at www.EgyptisCalling.com

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