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Magical Journey to Egypt

September 18 - October 2, 2012 

      Visit www.egyptiscalling.com for more detailed information
  Danielle & Friedemann
Danielle & Friedemann

Egypt is one of the most magical destinations on the planet. Being in Egypt immerses you in the realm of infinite possibilities. The veils are thinner, your connection to your full potential more accessible and your heart opens more easily. Your pilgrimage through Egypt is a process of conscious evolution, one that can be classified as an ascension spiral into the open heart. As you, the initiate journey through the sacred sites in Egypt, you unlock and access energy, consciousness and wisdom, which aligns you with your soul, your inner being, your divine self, your full potential. You and your life are forever changed for the better. This process is one of renewal, transformation, personal growth and expansion. Join us in November 2011 for this heart-opening, awakening and enlightening journey through Egypt. The possibilities are infinite, what will you create in Egypt?

Click here to embark on a virtual "Egypt is Calling" tour.

The Tour includes:
  • Roundtrip airfare from New York to Cairo & all scheduled travel in Egypt
  • Exclusive private visits to many selected sacred sites
  • 5 star hotel accommodations at the Pyramids and throughout Egypt
  • Sacred initiations, ceremonies & meditations at sacred sites with Friedemann and Danielle
  • Private visit in Great Pyramid
  • 5 day luxury Nile cruise on private sailing yacht
  • Most gratuities and tips included in itinerary
  • All sight-seeing in itinerary including entrance fees
  • World renowned Egyptologist to explain history, culture and art of Egypt and sacred sites
  • American breakfast daily, 8 lunches and 9 dinners
  • Camel or horseback ride in the desert

                       Tour Price  $6788

During ceremonies and meditations at the sacred sites, we will incorporate the power of the spoken word, toning, gong, flute, crystal bowls and silence to harmonize with our divine essence.

Imagine yourself between the paws of the Sphinx setting powerful intentions, at Isis's temple on Philae opening your heart to unconditional love, at Sekhmet's chapel accessing courage and power to be your authentic self. Activate Egypt's magic in an exclusive visit of the Great Pyramid. Integrate and luxuriate in 5-star accommodations. Learn about Egypt's history, culture and art through our world renowned Egyptologist. Receive ongoing support during this journey to integrate the powerful experiences through group circles, preparation lectures, energy work, sound-healing and mind-body-spirit integration.

There is one more reason why this 2011 journey will be very special !

"The Afandina"

Thanks to Mohamed Nazmy, the owner of Quest Travel, we are extremely fortunate that we were offered to sail with the "the Afandia", a privately chartered luxurious sailing yacht (a dahabia), down the Nile on this upcoming trip - and we don't know, when it will be available to us again. Sailing on a "Dahabia" is like traveling in your own private palace. You are much more closely connected to the Nile and are able to stop and explore the land freely.

The boat fits a group of 16 people, it has 2 sundecks, an air-conditioned dinning room and library. All the cabins have air-condition and a private bathroom with shower. And the food that is prepared for us daily by the wonderful crew rivals any gourmet restaurant. Sailing on a Dahabia is very special opportunity and allows us to learn to know and appreciate Egypt in a unique and a much more personal way.

Egypt is calling souls home during this time to uplift and evolve into the consciousness of self-realization and living from the open heart. This pilgrimage will explore ancient Egyptian wisdom and rites of passages as a path to unity consciousness and personal growth in modern times. It is a journey of renewal, remembering, transformation and recognition of the evolution of consciousness and the self - and will be a journey of a lifetime.

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